The Plot journal is Global Diplomacy’s publication where we write original content in the form of essays and data stories. the Plot will be published four times a year - our first edition will be launched in October 2021.

What is power nowadays? Have power dynamics changed? Are communities transforming or being transformed by those power dynamics? Those are the questions that we want to try to understand and answer.

We welcome submissions from researchers, practitioners, or anyone with an interest in international affairs.

This call for articles is open until the 31 of August 2021. We pay all authors.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you still have doubts, please contact us at


What topics can I send?

The first edition will focus on the topic of "Power and Society". We accept articles and essays with multidisciplinary approaches that should try to answer questions such as:

  • What is power nowadays?
  • Have power dynamics changed?
  • Are communities transforming or being transformed by those power dynamics?

Case studies, results of projects and initiatives are also accepted. We do not intend to publish book or article reviews.

If you have other suggestions or ideas, please write us to

What types of articles should I send? What is the ideal length of an article?

We accept:

  • Essays supported by data (2000 to 3000 words).
  • Shorter articles on a specific topic (500 to 1000 words).

We welcome the submission of data visualizations, infographics or factsheets to illustrate the essays. If you need guidance on this, let us know when submitting your idea.

Can I send articles that were already published?

Articles submitted to The Plot journal should be original (i.e., not published anywhere else). After publication, authors may publish on their personal websites or portfolios, but are encouraged to link to the original piece.

Academic articles are accepted if this is aligned with the rules set out by the professor and/or university.

How much do you pay per article?

All authors are paid a minimum of 50 EUR (+ VAT).

The payment is done after the final version is submitted and approved by the editor/author.

The payment might be done using Paypal or through bank transfer depending on the author’s location. Please note Global Diplomacy is based in Portugal and is subject to Portugal’s financial laws and taxes.

How do I submit my proposal?

Please submit your idea (a short abstract with the proposed topic, short bio from the author and references/datasets/supporting materials) to our email:

If the abstract is aligned with the editorial line of The Plot journal and the call for articles, we will schedule an initial talk with our editors who will work together with you on the essay/article.

What is the process of submission?

The deadline for submission is the 31 of August 2021. Submission of an abstract and biography of author is done via email (

Our team replies to all requests within two weeks. If the proposal is accepted, we set up a call with our editors and send the authors our style guide. The process of revision, editing and publishing might take up to two months (maximum).

This first edition of The Plot Journal will be launched in October 2021.


We are looking forward to receiving your ideas!

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